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Thank you for your email.
We actually found our new team leader and a casual which is great!
Thank you
Kind regards Laura | Just Cuts Mandurah
Hey Team!!
Thank you so much for your help. I have hired a hairdresser and so far she is doing a great job. I am so grateful for your services!
Hope you all have a great week. Kindest Regards, Michelle Brook | Hairdresser & Owner of Stranded on Straddie
Hi Kiara,
Just letting you know, we have found another successful applicant for this position thanks to you lovely ladies.
You never fail to find me wonderful new team members and it's always such a delight to do business with you.
Thank you once again for all your help and professional attitude you all have. Thats why you have the best reputation in the business!
Sent with Smiles and Happiness From Joanne Williams | Another Dyemension Hair Studio

The lady we employed from you – Rima is working out fantastically.
You are all awesome and your team is amazing. Thank you to everyone xx
Kim | Bliss Hair and Body
Hi Sheryl!
Hope you are doing well. I certainly am after having the help of your team! This coming Wednesday Stranded on Straddie has a new team member starting in the salon.
She found the job opening directly from your teams efforts and it is such a relief to have found her! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Kindest Regards, Michelle Brook | Stranded on Straddie
The work these guys do is phenomenal ,
since setting up my salon I have used them every time and have had a brilliant result with my staff ,
they are incredibly helpful in providing guidance throughout the recruitment process and also in providing invaluable support through a super stressful time !
Highly recommend Sara Gianni | Empire Natural Beauty and Extensions, Surfers Paradise QLD
Hay Kiara
Amazing result with my manager, both her and her work are absolutely phenomenal !!
Feel like you and Sheryl are my good luck charms during this process. Would love to post a rave review if you would like to send me through the company Facebook details. Will speak to you again when I am next recruiting! God bless
Many thanks ,
Warm Regards , Sara Gianni | Empire Natural Beauty and Extensions – Gold Coast QLD
Hi Sheryl and Kiara

Thank you for your support. At this stage i have found two applicants which is fantastic as it usually is a challenge to find them.
I will be in contact with you in the future i am sure.
Kind Regards Annette Harman | Director of Vitality Laser & Skin
Hi team!
Thank you so much for your service. The ad attracted some amazing candidates and I did struggle to choose just one but I did get there.
I have offered an amazing registered the position with my business.
Thanks again for all your help and I will be in touch in the future when I am again looking for staff.
Warm regards Lauren Moerland | Tranquility Beauty Salon Mt Ommaney
Hi Sheryl
Yes! I certainly did find an amazing cosmetic nurse who I have just rung to offer her the job today.
Thankyou so much for all your help and I hope to be in contact again in the near future as I hope to eventually be in a position to hire a manager for my salon. Hope you have a great day and thanks again.
Warm regards, Lauren Moerland | Tranquility Beauty Salon Mt Ommaney
Hi Kiara,
We just wanted to inform you that we have 2 employees through advertisement.
We really appreciate your help. If you have any further questions please call me.
Kind regards Mary Patterson | Price Attack Robina
Hi Billy,
Thank you , thank you, thank you, so much for your Sheryl recommendation.
Gosh, she is lovely to speak to and her pricing is astonishing compared to all other recruitment agents I have spoken with in the past.
We have got her now looking for a new receptionist for us, making our lives so much easier.
I was dreading starting the whole process again and now don't have to worry about the most time-consuming part of it.
Yasine and Lana - The Aesthetic Lounge
Hi Sheryl,
I just wanted to thank both you and Courtney for recommending me for the Managers role at Price Attack. I was successful!!!
I start on June 18th and couldn't be more excited!!!
I look forward to working with you in the near future.
Regards, Jeannine - Applicant

Thank you so much for your services, I was successful with finding to the perfect girl for my salon, I will definitely be using you again for future adds.
I am truly greatful
Warmest regards, Danielle - Salt Hair

Thank you Kiara for your great service.

Kind regards, Michelle - BODE Hair Lounge
Hi Sheryl,
Loved listening to your podcast with Billy from a few weeks back.
I am okay for staffing at the moment. I have 6 incredible staff, 3 of which I found with your help from posting my job ad.
I will definitely be using your services for any future staff ad’s.
Hope you are having a wonderful week
Your Skin Expert, Tara Shaw - The Body Bar
Hi Sheryl,
We were able to find a staff that we needed.
Thank you again for help to find our staff!
See you and hope you have a great day! Shana Choi -- Franck Provost Rozelle
Hi Guys,
We were successful in hiring 4 Senior Stylists.
Very exciting times ahead. I have no doubt these girls will do amazing things!
Thanks again. Crystal -- Price Attack Kotara
Hi Sheryl,
Thanks to your help, we have a lovely 1st Year about to start next week.
Thanks for everything.
Kind regards, Julia Crowley -- Snip Into Hairdressing
I have received some great applicants, and am still in the process of whittling them down to the final decision.
I’ll be in touch again if I ever need to do another add, I’ve loved this experience!
Best wishes, Michelle Hyslop -- Owner of SeaBeauty Medispa
Thank you for your email.
I have found a phenomenal staff member - she is exactly what I had envisioned Will definitely utilise / recommend your service again
Many thanks. Warm Regards , Sara -- Empire Beauty
Hi Sheryl
We have filled both positions , thank you for your help
Kind Regards Deb -- Mink Hair and Beauty
Hi Sheryl
I was very happy with the campaign and I got lots of applicants, I have now hired 2 girls so here hoping I have made the right choices. Thank you again and I will definitely use you guys again in the future when the need arises.
Thank you Kylie -- Hair D Taylors
Hi ladies,
I have found someone through you, thanks for your help.
Thank you Cathy Alafaci -- Dolls Point
HI Sheryl,
We have finally found a great candidate for the position. It has taken most of this time to trial and find the right fit for us. I believe the lengthy process has been worth it for us. We stuck to our core values and held out for the right fit for us.
Thank you for the help you have provided. Sent with Smiles and Happiness From Joanne Williams -- Another Dyemension Hair Studio
Hi Novi
We’ve had a few interviews and trials and decided on a candidate on Saturday. She begins her 3 month probationary period next Thursday.
Thank you for all of your assistance. It’s a huge week for us this week with 3 new staff members starting. If any of them don’t end up working out I will definitely be in touch again.
Kind regards Fiona -- Hairline and Pamper
Hey Sheryl,
thanks so much we have found our new team members!!!
Fingers crossed... cheers and thanks again. John Salon Nook
Hi Kiara
I just wanted to let you know I have now filled the job position , thank you for your help with the ad and getting it out there , I had a lot of applicants as compared to none in the past. I will definitely use your service again in the future however I’m hoping that wont be for a while as I’m hoping ive found long term employees.
Thanks again Kylie -- Hair d taylors
Very happy with my new staff member thankyou so much Krystal - Blond Bar Hair & Aesethic
Hi Sheryl,
I did find a hairdresser through you, she started last week.
She is fitting in perfect in the salon.
Thanks again x Tammy - Vibe Hair
Hey Sheryl
I just hired a fantastic guy today! Really stoked!
Thankyou for your help, I will use you guys again next time Zach Cullen - Shi Hairdressers

Thankyou so much we have managed to find the Person we were looking for! :) thanks for you help Julie clark | Studio Luxe
Dear Sheryl
I would like to let you know that we have finally found a 1st year apprentice who is to begin work next Tuesday. Let’s hope all goes well!!
Kind Regards Simone | Biba Forest Hill
Hi Sheryl, Thank you for sending that through.
We were successful finding an amazing apprentice but not a senior. To be honest, she is a perfect fit to our team and at the moment we are doing well without an extra senior stylist :)
Have a nice afternoon. Warm Regards, Kristina | Ette Studio
Hi thanks for the email
We have a girl starting next week. I have my fingers and toes crossed it works out this time.
Kind regards, Lee Black | Director of Mow hair
Yes I have found the right staff. All going great.
Thanks Sam Alvos -- Bliss Skin
Hi Sheryl,
Always nice to hear your lovely voice and positive manner on the phone, its a breathe of fresh air these days! Always a Pleasure Doing Business with you.
Sent with Smiles and Happiness From Joanne Williams -- Another Dyemension Hair Studio
Hi Sheryl
Just to give you an update I am offering a girl the position today.
Thanks for all your assistance again. Karin Laidlaw - Director of A1skin and Spa
Hi Sheryl,
Guess what! This has actually been the most successful campaign we’ve ever had! Clearly keeping the ad simple is best! We’ve been inundated with quality candidates and I am feeling really confident about the 2 Therapists we have just hired, fingers crossed. Can you please now delete the ad and let candidates know that the position has been filled. I really appreciate your help on the ad this time around. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Kind Regards,
Jocelyn Derecourt, Spa Proprietor of Cove Spa
Thank-you so much for touching base. We have had a very successful round of advertising this time which has been a great start to the year.
I have 4 girls coming in next week for a trial which is exciting!
Thank you so much for your help once again!
With a smile, Danielle Grech, Spa Manager of Fifth Element Day Spa and Skin Clinic
Hi Courtney,

Yes we have secured a team member. Thank you.

Kind regards Gillian - Price Attack
Hi Sheryl

I’ve actually been in training all day everyday with our new recruit, so hopefully we are set now. Thanks so much for your help and have a lovely Christmas. Jocelyn - Cove Spa
Dear Sheryl
Hope you are well. Thank you for placing the ad for us. We have had a great response.
Warm Regards Bisika Wade – Franchisee Australian Skin Clinic Marion
Hi Sheryl,
I hope you are having a good week. We have been successful. We have a girl starting next Wednesday. So a big thank you to you.
With kind regards Raelene -- Balmain Spa & Natural Beauty
Shauna is doing really well. I have spent the last week and a bit working along side her teaching her the basics and she has picked everything up really well and is engaged and proactive… I can breathe a sigh of relief! Amajjika Kumara -- Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup
Hi Sheryl
We employed based on candidates that applied via the ad. Her name is Belinda :) Kirsten Harris - Blow Dry Bar Potts Point
Hi Sheryl
We employed a candidate called Therese. She is terrific. Thanks so much. Kirsten Harris - Blow Dry Bar Drummoyne
Hi Sheryl
Yes thank you we have found the perfect candidate. Also I was hoping to place another add for an apprentice. Do you have any suggestions in Changing the add, or can we run something similar again? Emiliano Vitale
Morning, Kiara
Shauna Lynch has accepted our letter of offer and will start with us tomorrow. YAY! I just got off the phone with Nicole Roberts who did a trial with us last week. I let her know that we have filled the role, but she said that she was really unhappy in her present role and is actively looking. So I wanted to put in a good word for Nicole with your organisation - we seriously considered her for the role but the lack of longevity due to her visa status in the end was a deal breaker for us. She has a lovely nature, has worked in a similar high end environment to our salon and was quick to pick up the nuances of the role. I will also get in contact with Stephanie to advise her of the placement. Stephanie also interviewed extremely well. She is also looking for front of house work and I am confident that she is an excellent employee. Kind regards and many thanks Amajjika Kumara -- Lily Jackson Hair & Makeup
Hi Courtney
We always get unreal results from our campaigns with you guys. I employed the second person I met, and she's going well. Thank you for your help, will use you again next time.

Warm regards Natasha Bloomfield Smits -- Natasha's Skin Spa
Hi Sheryl

I got a pretty good response from my ad. I have employed a stylist and am trialling another next week. So success, well fingers crossed anyway. I will come back to you if it all falls in a heap.

Regards Donna Greyson - HeadHunters hair studio
Hi Kiara,

I am pleased to let you know that today I offered Cigdem Bolat the position of Beauty Therapist. I am happy for the job to be removed from Seek and all of your networks. Thank you kindly for your assistance in helping me fill the role. I will be in touch in the future if the need arises for another therapist (but hopefully not any time soon!!)
Kind Regards, Belinda Merlino - The Skin Clinic
Hi Sheryl,

I am happy to say that we have finally found someone. Thanks,

Maryanne - Menuki Hairdressing
Hi Sheryl.

Lisa here from Fringe Hair and Beauty.
We have hired someone. Thought I would let you know. Thanks for everything.

Hi Kiara,

Yes I have managed to secure someone thank you. I’ll keep the ad going until the end however as we may be needing another very soon, thank you!

Kind Regards, Jocelyn Derecourt | Cove Spa
Hi Kiara

Yes we are in full swing with the campaign. We have employed 3 this week who will be starting in the next couple of weeks. Very happy!

Kind Regards, Leiza Cester | Allura Hairdressing Boutique
Hi Sheryl,

I have found a new staff member, thanks!

Best regards, Rachael -- Hotlocks by Rachael
Hi Sheryl,

No we don’t need the ad renewed, we have employed both a Senior Stylist and an apprentice Yay!!
Thanks for your help,
Kind regards,
Eliza Camera - Zigbi Hairdressing
Hi Sheryl,

After our text the other day i am pleased to say that our final applicant was successful! Thanks once again.
Regards Lisa - Joop Hair and Beauty
You’re a gem! To think of all those years I used to stress over writing the perfect ad. One phone call and boom I have an ad within half an hour!!
Thanks again!

Kind Regards,
Jocelyn Derecourt - The Cove Spa
Hi Sheryl,
Yes we filled with within 48 hours, great candidate, one of her friends follows my business and saw the ad so sent her in. Great hire, thanks very much.
See you next time, hopefully not for a few years! xxTash
Natasha Skin Spa
You are amazing. Thank you Sheryl :) Whitney Bone - XY Skin+Body Specialists
Hi Sheryl,
Thank you so much for running our ad, we have been quite successful in our applications and have fulfilled the positions with hopefully the right persons!
Kindest regards,
Violeta Kola - Mibu Medispa
When running an award winning salon, it is evident that your team is a crucial component of your success. So what do you do when you try to get new staff with the highest standards of skills, communication and presentation? Well, I've tried most of the strategies and met with poor results. The hairdressing industry is very challenging in terms of recruiting. Whether you are seeking an experienced stylist or a first year apprentice, there are few candidates available and most of them are unsuitable with little or no passion for our vocation. The solution I have found works best for my business and team is to recruit through National Salon and Spa Recruitment. Sheryl and her team are industry focused, well networked and skilled at what they do. I have been able to access candidates, and now full time team members, who are excellent additions to our team. Thank you Sheryl and thank you to your team for helping me enhance my business and my team.
Jenni - Bond Hair Religion
Dear Sheryl, Thank you so much this is awesome. I'm so excited now and feeling more at ease. Hoping to meet this new therapist soon.

Deepest regards Sonia ;)
Melt Hair & Beauty Lounge
Hey Sheryl & Kiara,

Thanks for the text & also thank you for the amazing service you continuously provide on the search to grow my Kawsa Team

Paul - KAWSA Hair Studios
Thanks Sheryl :) We’ve hired a great one and now have a few good back-ups. Thanks a bunch :)

Maddison Leonard, Marketing and Communications Manager
XY Skin + Body Specialists
Thank you soooooo much for my ad, an amazing senior applied who we hired. I can’t thank you enough.
I might even hire 2 out of the ad which is super exciting.
I seriously can’t thank you enough, you are a life saver

Chris, M Hair Spa
Good morning,
Could you please remove the 1st yr add as we have now employed a wonderful new apprentice.
Thank you for your great service.
Hi sheryl
We found someone, thank you.
Will definitely let you know when I need to advertise again.
Thanks so much
Hi Sheryl,

I just sent you a girl who wants an ad. I told her you are the best because YOU ARE!!! XX

Gerry at Melbourne Laser Derm
Dear Sheryl,
We were inundated with applications and have hired 2 brilliant therapist’s. Thrilled with the campaign!
Warm regards,
Natasha Davis | Spa Manager
Brandy Creek Day Spa
Hi Sheryl
Thank you for your help today. Amazing response time and great communication as always.
Andrena Crawford
Price Attack Logan Hyperdome
Hi Sheryl
Just advising that we have found our new employees. Thanks for your help once again.
Warm Regards
Elly Wright, Owner/Dermal Therapist
Soul Skin Beauty & Body Care
Hi Sheryl
Thank you for your email. We filled our positions and look forward to working again with you in the future.
Kerrie Wilson, Human Resources Manager
Price Attack Northern Rivers, Tweed City, The Pines
I found the right one out of those 3, she is beautiful so thank you for everything, I’m very happy.
I hope you are well Sheryl, I’ve been telling all of my new salon owning friends i’ve just met at a conference weekend recently to not even bother doing it themselves, just to go through you xxx

Thanks again,
Hi Sheryl
Yes we have found a lovely girl which we are very happy with. Thank you for all your help I will definitely call on your services as soon as we need another hairdresser.
Have a great weekend!

Kindest regards Dragan
Hi Sheryl,
It was lovely talking with you too Sheryl. Thank you for your help today. I appreciated your patience, professionalism and especially your friendly and courteous manner. Your prompt and efficient handling of doing the recruitment for me was Fantastic! Sheryl, you were like a breath of fresh air talking with you today. So Thanks again and I look forward to working with you more in the future.
Kind regards.
Monica Longmire
Just Cuts Belconnen, Woden & Cooleman Court
Hi Sheryl,
We have found a canditate for this position and will be doing a Trial for her. Another Sucess story once Again from you! Thank you very much and Fingers crossed, we have a good one

Sent with Smiles and Happiness
From Joanne Williams
Hi Sheryl,
Thank you for the resumes however at this stage I do not need to conduct any further interviews and will keep all resumes that come through this week on file in case another position comes available at the spa. Thank you again for all your assistance in hiring a therapist and hopefully Kim will be the perfect addition to our team.
Karin - A1skin & Spa
Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we have filled the position with a really lovely therapist, who commenced last week. We have had a fantastic response from the advertisement. THANK YOU….
Kind regards, Sandra
Milk Face Place + Spa
Hi Sheryl! Big fat thumbs up. We’re in training as we speak very happy with the feedback we’ve been getting from stylists since swapping to you, so thanks again. Crystal
Price Attack Charlestown
Dear Sheryl, I once again want to thank you and your team for your professionalism in assisting us with filling the two hairdressing positions we had to find. The experience with you was pleasant, less stressful, and professional with you constantly keeping us informed of what was happening with the staff recruitment we achieved our final goal of obtaining two very professional hairdressers. We received far in excess of the investment we made with your company. We would always use youR company for any other staff members we require and would thoroughly recommend you to any other salon looking for staff. Once again thank you. Kind regards, Drew Zafir & Craig Stanley
Pure Hair at Seaside
Hi, Hope you're having a lovely day. Thank you, you've done it again! Robbie just accepted a position at Confidente and we have a full team. Have a lovely afternoon.
Kind Regards Rebecca Runnegar
Thank you Sheryl for your help when recently looking for our new stylist. We are starting our new team member next week. I highly recommend Sheryl's services.
Thank you once again from Hair Do We Do
Thank you so much to Sheryl and the team for your quick and efficient turnaround of 3 staff within 24 hours. I called Sheryl and told her I was going overseas and needed help in finding staff, and straight away, and she delivered. I was very impressed with their service. Derek – Artis Hair
Just some feedback. I was surprised as to how many applicants applied. This gave me a good pool to select from. I feel the ad was well written and as a result received a broad selection of applicants. The process of using your recruitment company freed me of precious time in placing my own ads. I thank you for your professionalism and will recommend and use your services when needed again. Sarah - Adelaide
Thank you Sheryl. We have been successful in our campaign. I was very pleased with the way your business works, and we will use your services again if need be. Yours sincerely
Jan E - VIC
The process was easy, and we would be happy to do it all again through you. Tamara - Leederville, WA
Thank you Sheryl and the team, you have made hiring our first employee a breeze. Will definitely be back for our next staff member. Renee is doing great. K.C.S. Adelaide
Thank you so much for your help. You took the stress out of it all. The quick turn around was amazing! Regards
Lea-Ann. Sydney
We were really impressed with Brook, she started here last Saturday on a 3 month trial and so far she is doing extremely well :) Regards
Renae. Queensland
The response was impressive, I have been successful in filling the Managers Position. I will certainly utilise your services again. Thank you so much for your help. Valerie - Queensland
Both campaigns have been very successful and I would not hesitate in using you again.... Jo - Gold Coast
We have just employed someone and were very happy with the service we received. Will definitely use your services again. Jan - Kew
Sheryl we have had some EXCELLENT applicants. Fingers crossed. Thank you so much for your help, professionalism and kindness. Gillian - Western Australia
Thank you so much for all you have done. I have achieved the impossible!! I have employed a Manager and she is moving down from Perth! Thank you again. Gillian - Western Australia
Just FYI we hired another stylist from the second campaign you ran for us. Carlie is doing great (has been here just over 1 month) and Abbey is joining us on 1st June, so the team is ready to rock and roll. Thank you again to all your team and yourself for all the tips and support and late phone calls and believing we will find the right people. Mojca - Adelaide
“the Campaign was awesome, I hired 2 staff – I would definitely call you again when I am looking for staff” Alen - Gold Coast
I finally found an amazing beauty therapist thanks to using your service. Kelly has over 14 years experience and also had her own salon. The whole process dealing with you was easy and simple. Thank you so much for your help! Jessica - Bondi
Thank you so much as you have been awesome to me and helped a lot. Thank you for all your hard work!!! Have a fantastic day!!! Ashleigh - Katanning, W.A.




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